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Powerful EJB3.1

posted Jun 20, 2010, 7:52 PM by Kuwon Kang

Guide to the EJB 3.1 Public Draft

Now that the EJB 3.1 Public Draft is available, here's a list of its main ease-of-use improvements and features, along with their corresponding sections in the spec. This should make it easier to quickly find some of the most relevant material. While it's true that the spec is a bit, shall we say, on the "large" side, I think you'll find that most of the new content is concentrated in a relatively small number of pages. Happy reviewing :-)

  • The "no interface" Local view (3.4.4 , 4.9.8)
  • Portable global JNDI names (4.4)
  • Asynchronous session bean invocations (4.5)
  • Singleton session beans (4.8)
  • Startup / Shutdown callbacks (4.8.1, 4.8.2)
  • Calendar-based timer expressions (18.2.1)
  • Automatic timer creation (18.2.2)
  • Non-persistent Timers (18.2.3)
  • Deployment of EJB components directly in a .war without an ejb-jar (20.4)
  • EJB "Lite" -- a standard lightweight subset of the EJB API (21.1)
  • Embeddable EJB -- an API for executing EJB components within Java SE (Ch. 22)